Collection: Wheel Thrown Mandala & Lotus Ceramic Mugs

Custom Design Mandala & Lotus Design on Handmade Pots

All mandalas are based on a circle and then infused with other designs that can represent many things.

These types of mugs are very dear to me.  To me, they represent the perpetual universe, a symbol that leads to completeness and unity of self, a spiritual journey exploring all the layers from the outside to the inner core. 

They are created in one of two ways, carved into the clay after trimming and handle addition. The carvings are then lined with an underglaze after their firing to show the design. Each one is one of a kind, I couldn’t make them identical if I tried, that is what I love about them. The other method includes the use of a frisket or template. Again underglaze is applied to outline the symbol. The colors are more vibrant but each design can be repeated due to the template.

  • Available in sizes from 12 oz to 22 oz 
  • Microwave & Dishwasher Safe