Collection: Handmade Ceramic Platters

Ceramic Fancy Serving Platters for using or Display

Many shapes & sizes

Large or small serving platters make great gifts

Dishwasher & Microwave safe

Handwashing is best to maintain for a lifetime

Platters make wonderful gifts as they can look amazing on the table year-round. The leaf platters make beautiful serving platters but also look great as garden décor.
Oval Platters-  These platters all start as a slab of clay which is draped over a form to create the shape. They are then carefully dried sometimes for over a week to assure the platter stays flat. I have forms to make nesting trays as well. 
Leaf Platters- Each of these platters is made from actual leaves, some are from my Alocacia plants which I can make any time of the year, but my favorite are the hosta leaves. There are about 10 varieties in my gardens and gathering the different sizes in late spring, early summer when they are big and lush. Occasionally I will make a very large platter from a shade-loving species of Leopard Plant, some of these leaves get to be easily over two feet round. Each leaf is pressed and rolled into a slab of clay, the slab is cut to match the leaf shape. The shaped leaf slab is then contoured on the edges to flow naturally.